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I have lived and worked in Wasaga Beach for over seven years along with my extended family and in that time have grown to appreciate the privilege of calling Wasaga Beach home. My interests have enabled me to interact closely with people from all backgrounds and understand the issues they face. Raising two children and balancing the needs of a family, work, and school, I can relate to the challenges that many families face today.

I would like to bring my honest and open perspective to focus on the family to enhance council and improve services and amenities. When elected I will support council initiatives and bring more attention to these areas.


Assess and respond to the needs of low income and special needs families on a local level.


Focus on expanding public transport network in Wasaga Beach to meet the needs of a growing town.


One of the greatest issues working families face is the need for acceptable affordable housing.

ENSURING YOUR home town works

Focus on listening

My focus is to make council even more approachable and to bring your concerns to the table.

Ensuring you have a voice

Continued growth through planning

Encouraging the development of affordable and environmentally sustainable housing through more flexible planning and building codes.